About Us

American Clinical Solutions is a leading provider of urine drug confirmation services, offering accurate testing for both prescription and illicit narcotics using the most advanced equipment available. Medical facilities and other healthcare providers rely on American Clinical to help ensure patient safety and maximize the benefits of prescription medicine use.

 ACS employs a unique, proprietary testing method with enhanced detection ability and improved accuracy which means physicians and other health care providers can prescribe with confidence. In addition to detecting improper use of prescribed and illicit drugs, ACS testing method helps healthcare providers monitor the efficacy of prescription regimens and alter the dosing scheme in response to changes in patient health status, behavior or other variables, helping patients achieve better outcomes while providing an overall greater level of safety.

 ACS techniques and technology were developed to meet or exceed the latest testing standards. Input from our physician colleagues provides invaluable guidance to help us refine our approach to ensure we continue to provide the best, most accurate testing results and reporting services available.

Working in Partnership

At ACS, we work with every one of our clients to determine a testing and reporting program that suits each practice’s unique needs. In addition to helping healthcare providers improve patient outcomes and enhance safety profiles of prescription regimens, ACS also provides a written history complete with recorded data that helps physicians monitor compliance and provides added peace of mind. ACS can also help discourage prescription and narcotics abuse by helping physician partners develop a pattern of regular testing that offers the dependable results you can count on.