About Us

American Clinical Solutions (ACS) is a leading provider for urine and oral fluid confirmation laboratory toxicology services. ACS was established with the objective to provide accurate, timely and evidence-based lab-guided medication management information to healthcare providers when prescribing controlled substances. Lab-guided medication management is considered a best practice approach to quality care.  

At ACS, we understand the difficulty of keeping up with and understanding all of the guidelines, regulations and recommendations for responsibly prescribing controlled substances.  We are also aware that the state and federal guidelines for controlled substance prescribing and monitoring for opioids and/or antidepressants and/or antipsychotic medication(s) can be challenging.  Having access to industry experts can help to provide the latest and most up-to-date information available to ensure that you and your team have the best practice policies and processes in place when it comes to medication management.  

Some of the many benefits to implementing testing protocols within all types of medical practices include:  

  • Supports best practice Medication Management protocols 
  • Helps identify at-risk patients from misuse, abuse and addiction of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs or possibly illicit narcotics 
  • Key component to effectively monitor opioid/anti-depressant/anti-psychotic therapy management 
  • Promotes medication reconciliation and reduction efforts 
  • Provides evidence-based actionable data 
  • Supports goal(s) to eliminate or decrease hospitalizations 
  • Supports fall risk programs in the home or in the post-acute setting 
  • Identifies polypharmacy challenges of seniors 
  • Supports protocol development to identify compliance, diversion, abuse and/or addiction. 

Medication management allows prescribing clinicians the opportunity to focus on protecting their practice and their license and improving patient outcomes.