Interpretation Assistance
“At American Clinical Solutions, we are dedicated to providing not only the most accurate test results, but also unparalleled assistance in clinical interpretation. UDT involves many complexities and factors that can affect test results. Our toxicologists and laboratory staff have extensive knowledge of the metabolic conversions, genetic variations, sensitivities, and all other factors that affect test results. American Clinical Solutions’ professional staff is readily available to assist you in interpreting and analyzing your patient’s results.”

Workers’ Compensation Patients
“With the alarming rise in narcotic abuse among workers compensation patients, it is imperative for physicians to be safeguarding their practice with routine urinary drug testing. American Clinical Solutions is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with education on applicable workers’ compensation laws, best practices, and accurate testing. Our commitment to a swift and safe recovery for your workers’ compensation patients begins with our lab-guided prescription and narcotic management program. We provide you with the tools and the results to actively case manage Rx compliance for workers compensation cases.
Narcotic treatments are available for workers’ compensation patients, and UDT is the strongest defense against “prescription shoppers”. American Clinical Solutions offers a wide drug testing panel to assist you with enforcing your treatment agreement with your patient. Unusual positive/ negative test results are a leading indication of “drug shopping”, and routine drug screening will determine the presence of a contraindicated narcotic substance or an unknown narcotic substance in a patients urine.
ACS is dedicated to putting an end to patient deaths and suffering due to prescription abuse. Workers’ compensation patients, a leading category of victims, are of great concern. Routine UDT is the first step to insuring the greatest results for both your patients and your practice.”

Nursing Home Patients
“American Clinical Solutions believes our elderly deserve a little extra TLC (Time, Labor, Convenience). Many nursing home facilities prescribe narcotics to their patients to alleviate the effects of chronic pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Many elderly care facilities are forgetting the importance of drug testing on their patients. It is important to test elderly patients who are prescribed scheduled narcotics to treat pain to undercover diversion or compliance with their treatment plan. It’s not uncommon for patients to need prescription dosage adjustments based on their personal treatment plans. ACS is dedicated to improving the quality of life for elderly patients by providing the convenient option to test with not only urine, but also oral fluid. Sample collection using oral fluid can be less physically demanding for elderly patients. The option to test with oral fluid is also an excellent resource for patients with conditions preventing them from providing urine for testing such as renal disease and diabetes.”

Data shows a significant rise in the prescription of controlled narcotics for pain related treatment. Consequently, statistics confirm a similar increase in the deaths associated with the overdose of prescribed narcotics and contraindicated illegal substances. American Clinical Solutions works hand-in-hand with medical professionals to provide highly proprietary data for health management of individuals suffering from chronic pain.

Treatment begins with drug screening to determine the presence of a contraindicated narcotic substance or an unknown narcotic substance in a patient’s urine. The practitioner, armed with the SentryPro report, can then decide the appropriate pain treatment course and dosage. During the health management process, the physician can monitor the progress and the compliance of a patient’s usage by conducting on-sight qualitative screens and quantify the results at ACS with the SentryPro report.

Your Patient is Our Commitment

  • Actively case manage your patient Rx compliance
  • Cutting edge technology and proprietary SentryPro documents patient compliance
  • Quality assurance through documentation and review for responsible prescriptions
  • A lab monitored therapeutic pain medication curriculum