Test Options


WHO to test:
Consider screening patients who:

  • Are new to your practice and already taking a controlled substance
  • You may want to prescribe a controlled substance to determine contraindications
  • Request specific drugs and have specific suspect knowledge
  • Display aberrant behavior

WHY to test:

  • Patient advocacy
  • Evaluate your patients and create a baseline report
  • Support assessment & diagnosis
  • Identify use of undisclosed substances
  • Uncover diversion

WHEN to test:
Testing should be considered under the following conditions:

  • Newly prescribed controlled substance
  • Major change in treatment plan
  • Support referral
  • Treatment agreements
  • Observation of aberrant, drug-related behavior
  • Reports from a third-party (family member, friend, insurer, law enforcement agency, etc.) of drug-related behavior

Quality Standards
We have developed a proprietary method of quantitating controlled substance, antidepressants, and psychotropic drug levels for therapeutic monitoring. The SentryPro report provides documentation to support treatment decisions through highly specific and sensitive HPLC MS/MS technology.