Reliable and Precise Reporting
Our advanced reporting technique provides detailed and accurate results, ensuring prescription integrity and enhancing patient safety.
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Confidence in every prescription
We're dedicated to providing reliable, actionable data that supports safe prescribing practices and promotes the highest standard of patient care.
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from opioids to options
ACS is assisting providers who are exploring an alternative approach to opioids by monitoring and documenting the transformation.
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Guiding the way back to work
American Clinical Solutions continues to support the efforts of medical providers who are working tirelessly with injured employees to help them return to work.
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American Clinical Solutions (ACS) is a leading drug confirmation service provider

We deliver accurate and reliable testing results for both prescription and illicit narcotics to healthcare providers and medical facilities across the country.

Our mission is to enhance patient care by providing timely, accurate, and evidence-based lab-guided medication management information to healthcare providers when prescribing controlled substances.

Discover the power of precision medicine with our Toxicology Testing services

Our advanced Urine and Oral Fluid Testing offers accurate, actionable insights for safe and effective prescription management. Trust in our rigorous methodologies to drive confidence in every prescribing decision.

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Our proprietary testing method, SentryPro™, offers superior detection and accuracy. We use cutting-edge technology and adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring the most precise and reliable results.

The testing process begins the moment we receive a specimen. The timeframe can depend on the specific test, but we aim to deliver results within 24-48hrs without compromising accuracy.

Our testing services provide detailed insights into patients’ medication usage, identifying both the presence and  quantity of ingested substances. This information can inform treatment plans, helping to prevent toxicity/overdose and identify potential cases of diversion, abuse, or addiction.

Oral fluid testing is an effective, non-invasive alternative to traditional urine tests. It allows for the immediate detection of recent drug use, making it especially suitable in situations where urine testing may not be feasible or a patient cannot produce a urine specimen.

SentryPro™ turns test results into detailed lab reports, enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions about medication management. The platform provides highly specific and sensitive real time and historic data, essential for effective therapeutic monitoring.

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our laboratory is CAP accredited, CLIA licensed, DEA registered ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited. We continuously refine our testing methods based on invaluable physician feedback, ensuring we meet or surpass the latest testing standards.

We navigate the complexities of drug testing to deliver lab results you can trust

With our comprehensive lab results, you gain invaluable insights to make informed prescription decisions. Each report not only reflects the current use of a substance but also reflects historical results of prior testing so the prescriber can make informed decisions about treatment.

As your trusted partner, we’re here to guide you through the intricate landscape of drug testing, turning a wealth of information into concise, actionable insights.