Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing individual healthcare providers with the most advanced, state-of-the-art urine drug confirmation testing for scheduled prescription and illicit narcotics.


To provide all clinicians the confidence to monitor, measure, and mentor their patients through laboratory-guided medication management.

Detect abuse and misuse

Regular testing can help clinicians identify patients who may be abusing or otherwise misusing their prescribed medications, and among patient populations where the risk of abuse is high, a program of regular testing can serve as a deterrent to abusive behaviors.

Protect your practice and your patients

Prior to prescribing, SentryPro allows physicians to test patients for the presence of other narcotics to avoid potential overdose or harmful drug interactions. By regularly monitoring serum levels of narcotic medications, clinicians can fine tune their treatment plans to help patients recover more quickly and with less pain. In addition, SentryPro provides recorded documentation of all testing results, which means healthcare providers can prescribe with confidence, knowing their prescribing decisions are based on state-of-the-art testing methods and reports.

American Clinical Solutions is dedicated to helping clinicians and healthcare facilities maintain the highest level of compliance while developing the best course of care for their patients. To learn more about ACS and its proprietary SentryPro methodology, contact ACS at 866-762-8379.