SentryPro is an American Clinical Solutions proprietary laboratory-guided testing platform. This comprehensive system is designed specifically to meet today’s strict medication management, compliance, and qualification standards. SentryPro provides essential documentation to the physician to case manage a patient’s physical progress. ACS utilizes the highly specific HPLC-MS/MS technology for detecting and quantitating a patient’s pain medication regimen while limiting medical liability.

While the proprietary SentryPro process uses the most advanced and comprehensive methods available today, it’s one of the most clinician-friendly systems on the market. It requires only a few moments of the clinicians time to collect and ship samples to the ACS lab, and turnaround time is usually no more than 48 to 72 hours.

Better outcomes through better compliance

Utilizing SentryPro quantitative testing delivers a safeguard for your practice and quality health management for your patients. Through regular monitoring, the SentryPro system helps physicians keep a close watch over patients compliance levels to ensure the medications are being taken in the manner prescribed. Testing, combined with patient exams and self-reporting, can also help physicians determine when a medication regimen needs to be altered, helping ensure better outcomes and improved pain management.