Opioid Alternatives

Alternatives to the Persistent Opioid Crisis

Amidst a growing opioid crisis, providers are searching for safe and effective alternatives to treat their patients. National studies illustrate how the misuse of opioids has caused an alarming rise in addiction and related health issues. American Clinical Solutions recognizes this challenge and has developed an integrative monitoring program for physicians who are making the switch to alternative treatments like cannabis, ketamine and more. 

documenting a Smooth Transition from Opioids to Medical Marijuana

The shift from opioids to medical marijuana represents a promising pathway towards enhanced patient well-being. American Clinical Solutions leverages transitional monitoring to facilitate a smooth transition. Documenting the titration of opioids to introduce the alternative helps to mitigate withdrawal symptoms, provide therapeutic relief, and align with each patient’s unique needs and health conditions.

Ensuring Patient Safety Through Rigorous Protocols

Establishing patient safety is at the core of our medical marijuana program. Reporting protocols can be implemented to monitor usage, assess patient response, and prevent adverse effects. Collaborating closely with healthcare providers, American Clinical Solutions ensures that the transition from opioids is conducted under careful supervision, integrating continuous assessment, and education to promote a safe and responsible transition.

Implementing Measures to Prevent Diversion and Misuse

Preventing additional drug use and diversion is paramount in the transition from prescription narcotics to medical marijuana. American Clinical Solutions has developed measures and strict policies to inhibit compliance issues and potential abuse. This includes vigilant monitoring, proper patient evaluation, and responsible reporting. Our multi-faceted approach ensures providers that the use of medical marijuana remains within the therapeutic context, safeguarding both patients and the prescriber.


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Innovative Approach to the Opioid Crisis

Offering medical marijuana testing as an alternative, we support a modern, scientifically-backed option that addresses the root of opioid addiction and related issues.

Expert Guidance in Transitioning Patients

Our innovative approach guides healthcare providers in the seamless transition from opioids to medical marijuana, personalizing the treatment for each patient.

Commitment to Patient Safety

Through rigorous protocols and appropriate monitoring, we ensure that patients' safety is prioritized and that their unique needs are met throughout the transition process.

Robust Measures Against Misuse

We enact strict measures to report the possible diversion and misuse of medical marijuana, providing a responsible framework for its therapeutic application.

Evidence-Based Treatment Plans

Our reporting is constructed based on comprehensive research and clinical evidence, ensuring the effectiveness of medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids.

Customized Patient Care

Recognizing that every patient is unique, providers can tailor their strategies to align with individual needs, health conditions, and goals for recovery.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Transitioning from opioids to medical marijuana may not only prove safer but also cost-effective, reducing the financial burden associated with chronic opioid therapy.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

We operate within all legal and regulatory guidelines, ensuring that our methods are not only innovative but also fully compliant with current laws and medical standards.

Opioid Alternatives


The journey begins with the provider communicating with our team about the desired outcomes and then appropriately monitoring the patient during the transition.. 

We implement strict reporting measures including appropriate monitoring and specific guidelines to identify diversion and misuse of medical marijuana or the use of additional substances, ensuring responsible and effective treatment.

Yes, our program focuses on personalized care, and we work with healthcare providers to develop customized treatment plans that align with each patient’s unique needs and health conditions.

Absolutely. We begin by educating the provider about the regulatory standards for testing only when medically necessary and the proper documentation for reasons to test a patient within those standards. 

You can contact our team at American Clinical Solutions to discuss the goals of your treatment and explore how our program can facilitate a successful transition from opioids to medical marijuana.

We provide comprehensive support, including education on the regulations, ongoing communication, and resources to assist healthcare providers in implementing and managing the transition process effectively.

We provide evidence-based data through proper monitoring to help assess the effectiveness of medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids, this helps providers to adjust their treatment plans as necessary to ensure optimal results.