Customizable Testing Options

individual Testing options for Personalized Patient Care

We understand that each patient is unique and should be treated and tested according to their specific treatment needs. ACS provides customizable testing options to allow for personalized patient care to improve treatment outcomes while complying with insurance guidelines for Medically Necessary testing.

Leveraging Advanced Technology for Customized Testing

With the help of advanced technologies, we offer an array of testing options, analyzing urine and oral fluid samples for various biomarkers. Our sophisticated laboratory protocols and stringent quality assurance processes ensure accurate and reliable test results, which serve as valuable tools for individualized patient management.

Customized Reporting for Informed Healthcare Decisions

Data-driven reporting forms the backbone of our services at ACS. We tailor our reports to meet the unique needs of each healthcare provider, presenting the results from our customizable tests in a clear, concise manner. These reports assist healthcare providers in making informed decisions about patient care, thereby promoting optimal health outcomes and patient safety.

The ACS Promise

Safeguarding Patient Health

Our innovative drug confirmation services assist healthcare providers in preventing substance misuse and addiction. By accurately identifying the presence of controlled substances, we can help healthcare professionals monitor patient compliance, detect potential drug interactions, and uncover patterns of misuse.

Innovating for the Future

We are dedicated to continually pushing the boundaries of drug testing precision and reliability. Our commitment to innovation allows us to adapt to evolving healthcare needs and contribute to the safer prescription and use of controlled substances.

A Partner You Can Trust

Trust American Clinical Solutions to deliver the precise, reliable, and actionable information you need to make informed prescription decisions. With ACS, every test is a step towards optimal patient care, helping shape a healthier and safer future for all.

Customizable Testing Options


Customizable Testing Options means that we offer a range of testing services that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of each patient and their medical care needs. This could include varying the number of drug classes, the frequency of testing, and the specific medications analyzed.

Customizing what to test is patient specific based upon many factors. Is this a new patient to the practice who is asking for medications specifically? Did the patients last results indicate the presence of an unexpected drug or inconsistent with your prescription? Was the patient compliant according to the last test results? These among many more are reasons to consider what to test for during the next test. Your local ACS representative can provide you with the most up to date CMS guidelines for medically necessary testing criteria and RISK stratification.

Customizable testing allows for a more personalized approach to patient care. By tailoring the tests to the specific needs of each patient, healthcare providers can gain a more detailed understanding of the patient’s response to medication, monitor their progress more effectively, and adjust treatment strategies as necessary.

Our customizable options for urine and oral fluid samples spans over multiple drug classes. Determining the specific needs of the patient, testing multiple drug classes may be more or less relevant is a patient is determined a Low Risk with compliance and misuse.

Yes, at ACS, we provide data-driven reports tailored to meet the unique needs of each healthcare provider. These reports present the results from our customizable tests in a clear, concise manner, assisting healthcare providers in making informed decisions about patient care.

No, despite the customization of tests, we will provide accurate data to support your test selection. However, the customization allows us to only focus on the specific class of drugs selected ruling out the potential to identify other harmful or undisclosed substances.

Yes, we understand that patient prescriptions may change over time, therefore every time you test a patient it should be specific to the immediate circumstances and never a blanket, same test unless it is medically necessary.