Monitoring Progress & Safety

Blending technology with a human touch

Monitoring patient progress and ensuring safety is at the core of effective healthcare delivery. At American Clinical Solutions (ACS), we provide tools and services designed to track patient responses to medication over time, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of their health trajectory and ensuring safe medication administration.

Real-Time Patient Monitoring Technology

Utilizing advanced technologies, we provide systematic tracking of inconsistencies in urine and oral fluid samples. This allows for accurate monitoring of drug efficacy, potential interactions, and signs of misuse or abuse. Our technology is a data driven decision support tool for exemplary medical care.

Providing value with data to enhance prescription utilization

The heart of our service lies in providing comprehensive, data-driven reports. These reports translate complex biological data into easy to understand information. Our approach to reporting serves as a critical tool for healthcare providers to monitor patient progress and to deliver superior outcomes by implementing a superior strategy.

The ACS Promise

Safeguarding Patient Health

Our innovative drug confirmation services assist healthcare providers in preventing substance misuse and addiction. By accurately identifying the presence of controlled substances, we can help healthcare professionals monitor patient compliance, detect potential drug interactions, and uncover patterns of misuse.

Innovating for the Future

We are dedicated to continually pushing the boundaries of drug testing precision and reliability. Our commitment to innovation allows us to adapt to evolving healthcare needs and contribute to the safer prescription and use of controlled substances.

A Partner You Can Trust

Trust American Clinical Solutions to deliver the precise, reliable, and actionable information you need to make informed prescription decisions. With ACS, every test is a step towards optimal patient care, helping shape a healthier and safer future for all.

Monitoring Progress & Safety


Monitoring Progress & Safety is vital to ensure patients are responding well to treatment, to identify potential adverse reactions or interactions, and to detect misuse or diversion of medication. This approach enhances patient care, reduces risk, and helps healthcare providers make evidence-based decisions.

In the Monitoring Progress & Safety process, ACS can detect a wide range of substances, including prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, illicit substances, and even certain herbal supplements. This comprehensive testing helps provide a complete picture of a patient’s substance use.

The process begins with a sample collection, either urine or oral fluid, which is then sent to our state-of-the-art laboratory. Using advanced technologies and our proprietary SentryPro™ platform, the sample is analyzed for the presence and levels of various substances. The results are then compiled into an easy-to-understand report that provides healthcare providers with actionable insights for patient care.

The frequency of testing varies based on individual patient needs and circumstances. Factors such as the type of medication prescribed, the patient’s medical history, and their risk level for misuse or addiction can influence how often testing should be conducted. Healthcare providers should determine the testing schedule that best fits each patient’s situation.

If the Monitoring Progress & Safety testing detects an adverse finding, such as the presence of an illicit substance or a high level of a prescribed medication, the healthcare provider will be alerted. The provider can then address the situation with the patient, which could involve modifying the treatment plan, providing additional counseling, or referring the patient to a specialist.

Yes, ACS offers comprehensive support to healthcare providers. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist in interpreting test results, providing further information about our processes, and offering insights into how the data can be utilized in patient care.

Regular monitoring can help healthcare providers adhere to guidelines and regulations related to the prescription of controlled substances. It provides documented evidence of compliance with treatment protocols and aids in preventing misuse or diversion of prescription drugs.