Oral Fluid Testing

Our Oral Fluid Testing is a non-invasive, prompt substitute for conventional urine tests

This cutting-edge technique swiftly detects recent drug usage, providing extensive insights into the presence and approximate volume of ingested substances. It serves as an effective alternative in circumstances where urine testing may not be feasible or suitable.

Time Saving Through Convenience with SentryPro™

SentryPro™ is our proprietary reporting platform that turns test results into actionable insights. With the highly specific and sensitive data it provides, healthcare providers can make swift, informed decisions about medication management. SentryPro™ is an essential tool for effective therapeutic monitoring, driving efficiencies in patient care.

The Process



The first step in the Oral Fluid Testing process is sample collection. This is a straightforward and non-invasive procedure where a patient’s saliva is collected for testing. The sample is then secured and prepared for dispatch to our state-of-the-art laboratory.



Upon receiving the sample, our experienced team utilizes SentryPro™, our proprietary platform, along with the latest HPLC-MS/MS technology, to conduct a comprehensive analysis. This sophisticated process identifies, measures, and quantitates the presence of various substances.



The final step involves the generation of a detailed report. The data is processed through SentryPro™ to turn test results into actionable insights. This information assists healthcare providers in making informed decisions regarding patient care and medication management.

Oral Fluid Testing FAQ's

Oral fluid testing offers a non-invasive, fast method to detect recent drug use. It’s particularly suitable where urine testing may not be feasible or is inconvenient.

Our oral fluid tests, facilitated by SentryPro™, provide highly specific and sensitive results, making them a reliable source of information for therapeutic monitoring and medication management.

While oral fluid testing is effective in detecting a wide range of substances, the specific drugs it can identify depends on the testing panel used. Please contact our team for more information on our available panels.

At ACS, we know every second counts when prescribing and monitoring these highly misused medications. We strive to report our results within a 24-48hr turn-around time however, we may extend beyond this time to assure accuracy.

Yes, oral fluid collection is non-invasive and simple, making it comfortable and convenient for patients. This method also provides an extra moment of time for additional patient triage tasks.

SentryPro™ is our proprietary platform that turns test results into actionable insights. This aids healthcare providers in making swift, informed decisions about medication management, enhancing the effectiveness of therapeutic monitoring.