Urine Testing

We take great pride in being a leading provider of urine drug confirmation services

Our testing solutions offer unparalleled accuracy for both prescription and illicit narcotics, allowing healthcare providers and medical facilities to maximize the benefits of prescription medicine use, ensure patient safety, and foster an overall greater level of care. 

WHo To Test

We cater to a broad patient demographic requiring urine testing. This includes patients new to your practice who are already taking controlled substances, those requesting the prescription of a controlled substance or specific drugs, individuals frequently seeking refills, as well as patients exhibiting aberrant behavior or reporting frequent loss of medications. Our services facilitate optimal patient care and safer prescription practices.

Why To Test

We strives to promote positive health outcomes through comprehensive urine testing. Our testing aids in fostering positive health behaviors post-discharge or during treatment, reducing clinical variance in rehabilitation, and serving as a standard of care in opioid prescriptions. Further, it assists in lowering hospital visits and re-hospitalization rates, preventing toxicity/overdose, and identifying cases of diversion, abuse, and addiction. 

When To Test

Governing agencies suggest utilizing drug testing services in a variety of situations. These include instances when a patient is newly prescribed a controlled substance, when there’s a considerable change in a patient’s treatment plan, in the presence of noticeable aberrant, drug-related behavior, or upon receiving third-party reports indicating drug-related behavior. We’re committed to fostering responsible prescribing and upholding the highest patient care standards.

Urine Testing FAQ's

Urine testing is a reliable and non-invasive method for detecting both prescription and illicit substances. It provides detailed information on drug use, helping healthcare providers make informed decisions regarding patient treatment and medication management.

When performed under proper conditions, urine testing is highly accurate. At ACS, we use industry-leading technology and methodologies to ensure precision and reliability in our test results.

Urine testing can detect a wide range of substances, including prescription drugs, illicit drugs, and alcohol. This includes but is not limited to opioids, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, cocaine, and methadone.

The typical turnaround time for urine test results at ACS is within 24 to 48 hours after the sample has been received at our lab. However, it can vary depending on specific circumstances.

Urine samples should be stored in a clean, sterile container and kept in a cool and controlled environment. They should be shipped to our lab as soon as possible to ensure the integrity of the sample.