About Us

About Us

American Clinical Solutions (ACS) is a leading provider for urine and oral fluid confirmation laboratory toxicology services. ACS was established with the objective to provide accurate, timely and evidence-based lab-guided medication management information to healthcare providers when prescribing controlled substances. Lab-guided medication management is considered a best practice approach to quality care.  

At ACS, we understand the difficulty of keeping up with and understanding all of the guidelines, regulations and recommendations for responsibly prescribing controlled substances. 


American Clinical Solutions is a leader in providing healthcare providers and medical facilities with accurate urine drug confirmation services for both prescription and illicit narcotics. Using a proprietary method that offers an improved level of detection and accuracy compared to other testing providers, ACS confirms the presence of narcotics and quantifies their levels, helping clinicians develop better, more informed decisions regarding their patients treatment regimens and overall health.

The ACS approach to testing is based on industry standards and tailored according to guidance from our physician partners whose feedback has helped us provide the most comprehensive, highest-quality service and reporting in the field.

How we can help

By partnering with your practice or facility, ACS will help ensure responsible prescribing and will provide you with recorded data regarding your patients narcotics use as verified and quantified by our state-of-the-art testing methods, affording you extra peace of mind. ACS monitoring can detect the presence of a narcotic drug prior to prescribing and provides an effective avenue for tracking patient compliance throughout the prescription period. Our highly sensitive testing program can enable clinicians to accurately monitor system levels of narcotics to ensure patients follow prescribed guidelines, and can also help clinicians alter medication dosage precisely in response to patient reports or changes in medical status.

Through regular monitoring, you can create a pattern of testing that discourages diversion and helps identify drug seekers and physician shoppers by bridging the gap between patient-reported drug use and actual drug use as reflected by body system medication levels.